StrongPoint Blog StrongPoint Blog en-au Winning At Google Our good friends at and simply killing it in natural search results. Good Work Bryan Byrt Bryan Byrt Automotive Group is doing their part in helping Brisbane get back on it's feet with a donation to the Premier's Flood Appeal. Brisbane's A OK. Brisbane has had a rough time of it lately, but nothing will hold us down. New Clients, New Websites,-New-Websites.aspx We thought it was about time we should give some of our great clients some love on our website, with this in mind we have added some of our recent clients to our clients page, sure it is never updated as often as it should be but better late then never. New sites for the new year We've been busy as have our clients, developing new websites and providing services to our existing ones. Here are a couple that have dropped recently. SEO Rank Checker Updated After playing around with a rank checker we build internally for Google we have now included the other major search engines to it, welcome aboard Nine MSN/Live & Yahoo Brisbane Super Children's Hospital Claims First Victim Brisbane's new super children's hospital has claimed its first victim, its not as bad as you might think though. Google Australia Ranking Checker Internally we developed software to easily track where a site ranks in (Google Australia) for various keywords, note this is not Page Rank but where a site is listed in the SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages), we thought a simple online version might help some people. More Secret Google Business Did you heard the one about Google leaving a publicly exposed interface for checking if your domain was being penalized for link selling? Strange but temporarily true it would seem. My Impressions of the Google Chrome browser Part of our job is to test sites in multiple browsers to ensure they display correctly, so obviously we were always going to add Chrome to the list. These are my impressions of it thus far. New SEO Beginners Guide We've updated the SEO beginners guide on our website to help those starting out in the confusing world of SEO. In search of a good .Net syntax highlighter I've recently been searching for a good syntax highlighter, mainly for C# HTML and CSS. We finally updated our website. StrongPoint has finally updated our website, I guess it is like the mechanics car. 香蒸焦蕉伊在线视频播放